TAG Heuer’s Super Mario Connected Watch Sold Out in Less than Ten Minutes

When it was announced earlier this week that TAG Heuer had joined forces with Nintendo for a limited-edition Super Mario version of its Connected Watch, it was a safe assumption that it’d move swiftly.

And according to reports from the brand, the timepiece has proven to be one of TAG’s most successful launches, selling out in all markets in under ten minutes, based on pre-sale orders alone.

From its original retail value of $2,150 USD, the watch is also already climbing to prices as high as $6,000 USD on the resale market. The success of the model points to the growing appetite for more advanced takes on the smart watch, and the growing overlap between the world of gaming and luxury.

The TAG Heuer x Super Mario Limited Edition features Mario himself on the animated dial, and is designed to respond to activity from the wearer. As the user moves more, Mario becomes increasingly energetic, and new animations are unlocked as the user hits daily targets through in-watch games.

Only 2,000 units of the timepiece were released earlier this week. At the time of writing, no firm details have been shared about a follow-up release, though the press statement accompanying the launch promised that the project would be “the beginning of a long-term collaboration between the two brands.” In addition, it has been shared that the classic Connected Watch will also feature the Mario watch face very soon, on new models from 2020 onwards.

If you missed out on copping the watch this time around, console yourself by checking out this rare port of Super Mario Bros. 3.
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