Amanda Owen admits it was a transition moving to remote Ravenseat after marrying Clive

James Martin discusses 'Our Yorkshire Farm' with Amanda Owen

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Amanda Owen, 47, has admitted having a tough time adjusting to life in Ravenseat. The writer explained she was originally from Huddersfield, and her remote Yorkshire farm was quite the change. 

I mean, it’s a challenging place at the best of times

Amanda Owen

Amanda was welcomed on to James Martin’s Saturday Morning last month, where the two discussed her hit Channel 5 show, Our Yorkshire Farm. 

James also spoke to her about her new book Celebrating the Seasons with the Yorkshire Shepherdess. 

It was during this discussion that the farmer confessed she had trouble adapting to her new way of living when moving to Ravenseat farm. 

James asked the shepherdess how difficult the move was from town living. 

He asked her: “What was that like, that transition? It must have been a hell of a shock, wasn’t it?

“Or not? Were you used to it because, like you say, you were into farming anyway?”

Mentioning how secluded Ravenseat is, James added: “It’s pretty remote in that part of the world, I know that area quite well.”

Amanda replied, confirming that it is remote, and that Ravenseat is billed as one of the highest most remote hill farms in England. 

“I mean, it’s a challenging place at the best of times,” she confessed.

When first moving to the Yorkshire Dales, Amanda admitted that she had to make some serious changes to her lifestyle.

Amanda said: “You have to adapt to the ways of the place and it certainly sort of moulds your whole character.”

She added that self-sufficiency was a key trait to develop. 

“Everything is not to hand. You’re pretty much there doing your thing and you have to sort of work with the produce and what you’ve got around you,” she said.

James then asked Amanda where the nearest hospital is, as everything seemed to be so far away. 

“A country mile is very much different from anywhere else because of the winding old roads,” Amanda explained, saying that they measure distance in time.

James added: “Like Cornwall, you don’t judge it in distance because it doesn’t work!”

The Yorkshire Shepherdess agreed.

During an appearance on BBC Four’s Winter Walks series, the star opened up about her challenging home life. 

She revealed that although living in the Dales is an inspiring place to live, the environment sometimes leaves her feeling “infuriated”.

“It’s not an easy place to be. 

“It’s challenging, but I feel like it’s where I belong,” Amanda admitted.

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