Americans Stressing Over Election Turn to Meditation for Relief

Americans freaking out through this volatile election season — the most crucial of our lifetimes — are drawing up self-care plans, and leaning into meditation to combat their anxiety and stress.

Health and wellness apps are seeing unprecedented spikes in activity this week … which is good for biz, but ain’t so pretty for citizens. For instance, honchos at Aura — a meditation app with 4 million users — tell us anti-anxiety usage was up 50% on election day. Anti-stress usage also spiked by 35% on Tuesday, but it was up a whopping 70% over the last month!!

By the way, anxiety is general worry about something — while stress is brought on by something specific, and can lead to physical strain. Basically, stress is worse for ya, long term.

Now, over at Headspace, due to, not just politics, but also the coronavirus pandemic … they’re offering meditation resources for free. They say 65 percent of their users say they’re anxious about politics, which actually edged out COVID-19 … a mere 60 percent are worrying about that.

It’s no wonder a recent survey found 52 percent of Americans believe their mental health has suffered as a result of the presidential election. The good news is that, depending on who ya voted for, that number might start plummeting as of Wednesday.

Until it does, mediation might be helping more people hold it together than ya think. Namaste.

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