Best make-up setting sprays from Urban Decay to Maybelline

If you haven't already heard, make-up setting sprays seem to be the trend of the season.

Brands have been quick to launch their own versions, which promise to do everything from setting your base for a whopping 16 hours, to giving you added protection from shine.

There are even versions that claim to boost the natural glow of your skin or give a hydrating hit for those prone to dryness.

We've had our beauty team test five of the newest sprays to see if they lived up to their claims.

Here's what they thought…

Diego dalla Palma Prep & Fix Glow Mist, £22

Beauty director Lynne says: ‘Don’t worry, there’s only a hint of gold in the mist and it just gave a subtle, healthy sheen to my skin.

'I applied it over a full smoky eye,then went to the gym (for testing purposes) and emerged with pristine make-up.

'I’m very impressed.’

L’Oréal Paris Shake & Glow Luminous Setting Spray, £9.99

Lynne says: ‘Some setting sprays can feel a bit drying, this one felt refreshing and hydrating.

'Despite shaking up the bottle I didn’t see much of a cosmetic glow, but my make-up did grip nicely all day.’

Urban Decay All Nighter Summer Solstice Setting Spray, £24

Beauty writer Zoe says: 'I really can't fault this.

'It claims to keep make-up looking perfect for 16 hours, and it did keep mine from slipping like it usually would by 2pm.

It didn't budge, even after a sweaty gym workout.'

NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray, £7

Zoe says: ‘I have oily skin, so I was excited to try this as I hate shine.

'It made my skin initially look matte and my make-up felt set in place, but the effects didn’t last past a few hours before I had to spray again.

'Nice but not super long-lasting.'

Maybelline Lasting Fix Matte Finish 16H Setting Spray, £9.99

Zoe says: ‘This zapped any shine from my skin and kept it away, and my make-up stayed in place all day.

'It can look a little cakey if you over-spray, but this formula was great for me as I can get very shiny.’

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