Bob Saget: Suffering From Longterm Covid, Hearing Loss at Time of Death?

It’s been over two months since Bob Saget passed away in an Orlando hotel room.

But questions about the beloved comedian’s final hours continue to linger.

When news of Saget’s death first reached fans, it was widely assumed that the 65-year-old had been felled by a heart attack or stroke.

We now know that that wasn’t the case.

And while police have ruled out foul play and medical investigators have confirmed that there were no illicit substances in Saget’s body at the time of his death, many believe that there are still questions that need to be answered.

Earlier this week, authorities released photos of Saget’s hotel room that were taken after his death,

The images did nothing to explain how the comic might have suffered the blunt force head trauma that resulted in his death.

Now, fans are seeking answers in Saget’s underlying health conditions.

According to the medical examiner who performed his autopsy, Saget was Covid positive at the time of his death.

However, he did not appear to be suffering from any symptoms as he performed in a comedy club before checking into the Ritz Carlton in Orlando.

Several people who had contact with Saget in the days leading up to his death now claim that the comic complained of health issues that he attributed to longterm Covid.

“He said that it was taking a long time for his body to get over it,” Rosalie Cocci, an employee of the Ponte Vedra Concert Hall where Bob performed his last show told the Orange County, Florida sheriff’s department.

“He said that his hearing had been off, and that was the case for that evening. He was asking the sound guys to turn everything up,” she continued.

“He had been sick the night before — sick in the sense that his hearing was off, and he had a sore throat.”

Cocci went on to say that despite his concerns about his health, Saget appeared to have no difficulties on the night of the performance.

“He seemed okay. He took a selfie on stage and he was cracking jokes, ‘Like, damn, I look good,'” she told investigators.

“He wasn’t sweaty, he didn’t miss a beat, he didn’t stutter.”

If Saget was suffering from the effects of so-called “long Covid,” that’s news to his loved ones.

According to a new report from TMZ, a Saget family attorney says that Bob’s wife, Kelly Rizzo, spoke to the comic just days before his death, and he made no complaints about his health.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter much if Saget was experiencing any issues with his lungs, throat, or hearing, as his death was caused by head trauma that remains unexplained.

“As mentioned earlier, most of the suite was carpeted. The headboard of the bed was lightly padded and set slightly out from the wall,” the incident report from the sheriff’s department noted.

“These are listed here as possible mechanisms of injury, but nothing was located in the room that allows for a definitive conclusion.”

We’ll have further updates on this developing story as more information becomes available.

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