Bobby Lytes Stays Positive After Lil Nas X Responds to His Flirty Comments: ‘I’m Making Progress’

Although the ‘Panini’ rapper politely declines his advances, the ‘Love And Hip Hop: Miami’ star takes delight in the fact that his crush recognizes him and calls him ‘cute.’

AceShowbizBobby Lytes isn’t giving up his hope yet to win Lil Nas X‘s heart. After his numerous flirty comments got ignored by the rapper, the Grammy Award-winning artist has finally responded to the reality TV star thirsting over him, only for Bobby to learn that Lil Nas isn’t interested in having a romantic relationship with him for now.

Bobby, however, is staying positive. Instead of seeing this as a dead end to his chance to hook up with Lil Nas, he’s quite pleased that his crush recognizes him and called him “cute.” Making use of his Instagram account, the “Love & Hip Hop: Miami” star addressed Lil Nas’ response to his advances.

“I could be walking down the aisle with Lil Nas X and y’all will still be saying he don’t want me,” he said in a video posted on Thursday, January 7, telling his followers to back off. He added, “Whether he wants me or not, the point is he said my name, he thinks I’m cute and I’m making progress.”

Bobby then jokingly said, “So with all that being said, Yes, Lil Nas X, I accept your offer to take me on a date. You don’t have to pay for nothing. I got my own money, my own car, own crib.” He went on claiming, “2021 is about to be a big year for me.”

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Lil Nas finally reacted to Bobby’s flirty comments when he appeared virtually on “The Morning Hustle Show”. Asked why he never gave Bobby a chance while he “goes really hard… to try to get your attention,” the “Holiday” emcee awkwardly responded, “You just put me on the spot, huh?”

The 21-year-old star then explained that he never actually talked to Bobby in person and thought Bobby wasn’t serious about having a crush on him. While he said Bobby’s “cute,” he politely rejected the idea of dating him as saying, “I’m not even really, like, into relationships or nothing right now though.”

Bobby initially reacted to Lil Nas’ comments on Twitter, posting, “Y’all know I’m gagging….. let me gather my thoughts….”

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