Cardi B Kisses A Girl & Dances Completely Nude In Steamy New Video For ‘Press’

Cardi B’s latest music video is not for the fainthearted. The rapper TKTK in the hot new clip for ‘Press.’

After Cardi B, 26, first teased the release of “Press” back in 2018, fans were elated when she finally dropped the track this past May. Now — she’s blessed the BardiGang with a music video as well, and fans are LIVING for the hot new clip. Just after the clip dropped on June 26, the rapper’s fans sent her high praise on Twitter. “THE VISUALS IN THE PRESS MV THOUGH !! SNAPPED, CARDI REALLY DONT NEED MORE PRESS !” one fan tweeted.

In the clip, Cardi is first seen kissing a girl, before wielding a gun and eventually being forced to head to court for her life of crime. The rapper strips down to the nude in once scene of the visual, and dances amongst a plethora of mannequins that are also sans clothes. Cardi proves herself to be the ultimate boss bit** throughout the clip, and it’s definitely one of her most wild videos to date! We already knew that the “Press” video would be one for the books after seeing how fierce the lyrics to the track were. The female MC took aim at the media in the hard-hitting track and she did not hold back. “Press, press, press, press, press//Cardi don’t need more press//Kill ’em all, put them hoes to restWalk in, bulletproof vest,” she spit.

Fans should feel especially blessed with the new release seeing as Cardi almost didn’t drop the song as planned. After fans complained they weren’t getting a music video as well, Cardi gave them some tough love. “I see a lot of people complaining that I’m not dropping press with the music video. Should I just drop press in July?I think I am,” she warned in a May 29 tweet. Now that we’ve finally been blessed with the visual, be sure to watch it above! 

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