Casey Cott Shares Fun Fact About His Hedwig Wig From ‘Riverdale’ Musical Episode

Casey Cott had one really awesome part of his Hedwig costume on Wednesday night’s musical episode of Riverdale.

The 27-year-old actor’s wig that he wore was the original wig from the Hedwig and the Angry Inch movie!

“This wig is super bad ass because this is the actual wig that John Cameron Mitchell wore in the movie Hedwig. This is his wig,” he told MTV. “So, Victoria, head of our hair department knows someone connected and got us this wig. So, while it is the most uncomfortable, it’s my favorite thing.”

He also shared about his buzz-worthy performance of “Tear Me Down”.

“I haven’t felt that much energy or excitement from a room of people since I’ve probably done a play or something. And I think K.J. and Cole and Lili and Cami and Charles and Mads, all really rallied the group to do that,” he said.

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