Chloe Madeley refuses to take painkillers as she recovers from painful C-section

Chloe Madeley is ‘embracing the pain’ of her c-section after admitting she feels reluctant to take strong painkillers while looking after a newborn.

The personal trainer, 35, said she feared taking opioids would cloud the experience of being a first-time mum to baby Bodhi with husband James Haskell, and instead is nourishing her body with food to aid her recovery.

Speaking to OK!, she said: “I’m in so much pain now that a lot of my mental energy is going on pain management. I don’t want to take loads and loads of painkillers as I’ve got a newborn to look after.

"I don’t want to be taking opioids even though I do have them. I want to be present and I want to enjoy it, and with that it means embracing pain, so the last thing I’m thinking about now it training or exercise, I’m like – I need to eat what I want to eat and recover.”

Chloe gave birth via emergency c-section on 10th August to daughter Bodhi who weighed 7lb 9oz and has “long legs like her dad’s”. Chloe had planned on having a natural water birth with gas and air but when Bodhi stayed put 24 hours after her waters had broken, she was told she needed to be induced due to the risk of infection.

Chloe’s contractions started around midnight but the labour struggled to progress and over eight difficult hours Bodhi’s heartbeat rate plummeted several times and she was rushed into theatre where her daughter was delivered safely.

Since bringing Bodhi home from hospital, they’ve been in a blissful bubble, staying with her TV presenter parents Richard Madeley and Judy Finnegan until renovations wrap up on their new house, five minutes down the road.

And while Chloe is keen to get her fitness back, she has conceded it is too soon to start thinking about snapping back.

She said: “There will come a time in a few weeks time where I can slowly start to rehabilitate my core and rehab my pelvic floor, although that’s already in quite a good spot because I saw a pelvic floor physio the whole way through my pregnancy.

“But I am really excited – this is so frowned upon now, but I work in the body, I love physique goals, that’s what I do, I love my job and it’s a huge passion of mine and I don’t see it as punishing my body or hating my body.

"I honestly see it as having fun with my body, so I am really excited about that, but right now I think my body is just going to be a bit of a mess for a few more weeks. I still have a baby bump and have no idea how long it's going to take to go down, but I’m OK with it right now.”

Chloe also thanked her husband James for being the "dream partner" in supporting her through her recovery from surgery.

She added: “The incision management is challenging – I basically don’t have use of my core right now, so sitting up and getting back down, when you’re breastfeeding, you’re literally like a piece of cardboard, you just fold down and fold up.

“This is where James has been – well actually everywhere James has been utterly incredible, just the dream partner, I couldn’t have asked for a better husband – but I just put my hand out and he pulls me up and if for some reason I don’t have use of either arm, so I can’t lower myself down, it’s like I’m a baby as well and he’ll just hold me by the back and help me lower down.

"It’s tough having a newborn that you’re breastfeeding with an incision and if it wasn’t for James I think it would be incredibly difficult.”


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