Chris Noth never saw Mr. Big as an alpha male but I know how to put on a suit

Chris Noth is in And Just Like That, the Sex and the City “eleven years later” series. I can’t believe it’s been eleven years since the second SATC movie. God, that movie was utter crap, so I don’t like to think about it at all. Perhaps we can just pretend that this show picks up after the end of the TV run of SATC??? Probably not. I was going to say something about how Noth’s role seems significant enough that he’s being sent out to do promotional interviews, but then I read a huge spoiler for AJLT and now I wonder why they even sent him out to do any interviews, like this one in the Guardian. Some highlights:

He didn’t like that he was so closely associated with Mr. Big: “Initially, when the show became a cultural phenomenon, I was really annoyed by it, because I don’t like to be called a character’s name on the street and actors don’t like [characters] sticking to them. But eventually I thought: ‘Just stop resisting this because it’s not going away. People, for some reason, will always relate you to that part, so just let what you resist persist.’ And if I can be a small part of what people think of as New York City, that’s a really lovely thing.”

Whether SATC contributed to the gentrification of New York: “I feel a little guilty that our show became the look for what New York is. That glamour always existed, but it wasn’t the only look. It’s kind of like what the Kardashians have done to culture in America: millions of people following them because they have a thousand shoes in their closets. No, no – it’s not the same… Sex and the City has a lot to offer in terms of its vision of New York, because people do need a certain glamour. But many neighbourhoods have changed, so it’s a love-hate kinda thing.”

On the lack of diversity in the original series: “It was the time and we weren’t the only ones, right.”

On Willie Garson’s passing from cancer: “No, most of us didn’t know. The last time I saw him was on set and I kick myself because I didn’t really get a chance to talk to him. He was extraordinarily fun and funny and there’s nothing to say but that it’s heartbreaking. It’s sad for everyone, and for the show, because I think he was going to have a really huge storyline. But he’ll be in it to the extent that he filmed. Oh God …”

On Kim Cattrall & SJP’s beef: “I have to tell you, I have absolutely no idea what [Kim’s] thinking is, or her emotions. I do know that I’m very close with SJ and [Cattrall’s] descriptions of her don’t even come close. I liked her, I thought she was marvellous in the show and some people move on for their own reasons. I don’t know what hers were. I just wish that whole thing had never happened because it was sad and uncomfortable. I just don’t like to see anyone talking down about SJ because she’s a target and people can be nasty. I feel very protective of her and I was not happy about that. That’s all I’ll say about that.”

He hated the SATC movies: “They did pretty well, though. On my side of it, I thought it was less – I was a little uncomfortable with the, um, in the second one, how the issues between Carrie and Big were resolved… I don’t remember [the films], to tell you the truth. I just remember the series being a lot of fun. I saw the movies once at the premieres and that was it.”

Is Mr. Big an alpha male? “I never saw him as an alpha male, that’s so funny that you say that. But it’s true, I do get offers to play these power-broker types. I know how to put on a suit, but my wife put it perfectly when she said: ‘I don’t think people realise that you’re kind of schlubby.’”

He DGAF about The Good Wife: “I don’t feel any connection to [it]. It’s odd, because I know it was well received. I have an emotional void about that part, I don’t know why.”

He loves working on The Equalizer: “I love Queen Latifah. I say this all the time to SJ: I’ve been riding on the coat-tails of female actors for a long time, and it’s carried me along.”

[From The Guardian]

I found the thing about The Good Wife really curious! I watched that show until [redacted] was killed off, and my guess is that Noth has an emotional void about that role because Peter was so badly and inconsistently written. That’s the way it worked with that show – any character “close” to Alicia (Julianna Marguiles) got written in a weird way so as to not upstage Alicia or give anyone else a meaty storyline.

I do think Mr. Big is an alpha male, but mostly he was defined by bringing out the worst in Carrie and she brought out the worst in him. Ugh, they deserved each other. Two self-absorbed messes. And he has been protective of Sarah Jessica for years. They’re good friends. She, um, tends to get along better with men.

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