Countryfile presenter Tom Heap sets record straight on patio heaters row

Tom Heap berates patio heaters amid soaring energy costs

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Countryfile presenter Tom Heap voiced his concerns over the use of patio heaters used at restaurants. It comes after the on-screen journalist recently made a startling discovery.

The BBC favourite took to social media and shared his frustration after he spotted a patio heater on full blast outside a restaurant in Central London but there were no customers in the seating area.

The 55-year-old, who is a keen advocate for climate change, urged people to wear warmer clothes rather than burn gas.

In view of his 12,000 followers, Tom uploaded a video that showed the empty eating area.

He began: “There is a lot of talk about high energy prices but take a look at this in a restaurant in Central London.”

The on-screen broadcaster panned the camera across to the scene of empty tables but a burning patio heater.

Tom went on: “Nobody sitting there. Gas flames burning. Carbon dioxide going up into the atmosphere.”

He captioned the clip: “39 ways to save the planet….this isn’t one #warmerclothescoolerplanet.”

Addressing the moment, the Countryfile presenter explained his annoyance at the situation.

He said: “Many restaurants still have patio heaters when there’s no one outside.

“It is slightly one of my bugbears but it was actually quite funny.”

The environmentalist continued: “I filmed a [patio heater on at a restaurant] and put it on Twitter and just after I finished filming a waiter came out.

“The poor chap – it obviously had nothing to do with him – but I said, ‘Why on earth have you got these things burning.'”


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“I think he was a bit bemused. The poor guy who’s come across someone like me who feels strongly about patio heaters,” Tom chuckled.

The presenter has since released his new informative book which identifies the positive solutions being used to tackle the climate crisis.

His book 39 Ways to Save The Planet covers logical solutions that are making our planet greener each day.

Tom explained that while the perils of climate change are crucial to be aware of, it’s equally important that the public are aware of the positive progress that is being made by different people and sectors throughout the world.

“Tackling climate change essentially means changing the way society and our economy works, so that it is not dependent on burning fossil fuels which is what it really has been pinned on for the last hundreds of years,” he commented.

“There is more than one narrative that needs to be articulated.”

He added: “The narrative of peril coupled with doom and gloom is important and is true, but it doesn’t work for a large section of the population and it isn’t the whole story.”

39 Ways to Save the Planet by Tom Heap (BBC Books, £12.99) is out now in hardback.

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