Dan Walker sets record straight after viewers rage about BBCs Tokyo Olympics coverage

Tokyo 2020: Dan Walker asks Mark England about Sam Quek

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Dan Walker has set the record straight on the BBC’s Olympics 2020 coverage. The BBC Breakfast host gave key details about what was allowed to be used from Tokyo, after seemingly spotting some unhappy messages on Twitter from viewers.

It is an issue about TV rights

Dan Walker

The 44-year-old kicked off his role in the fronting of the latest events at 4am.

He was joined for the live broadcast by Sam Quek, 32, former field hockey player.

However, many watching at home were unhappy to see a supposed lack of coverage of certain sports and interviews mid-competition, some turning off because of it.

Dan said in view of his 719,000 followers that not everything was an “editorial choice”.

“Thanks for watching this morning,” he started his message.

The presenter continued: “I know we’ve got used to being able to see every sport – on various streams – at the #Olympics but, this time, the BBC is only allowed to show 2 sports at the same time.

“It is an issue about TV rights & not an editorial choice.”

One fan remained unsatisfied, telling him: “That’s fine Dan, but you’ve cut away from the live cycling for a chat with Mark Cavendish and some gymnastics highlights.”

Dan wasted no time in getting back: “We never left the pictures of the race while we spoke to Mark Cavendish.

“And Max Whitlock is the reigning Olympic champion and we showed 1 minute & 40 seconds of him – which loads of viewers were desperate to see.”

He added: “We are trying to cover as much as possible.”

It comes after many took to the micro-blogging site to speak out about what they were seeing.

One angry user tweeted: “I don’t want to go back to the men’s road race! If there’s a reason you can’t broadcast the gymnastics, tell us.

“Stop ignoring everyone. #Tokyo2020 #gymnastics #bbc #bbcsport.”

A second agreed: “Was looking forward to #OlympicBreakfast on #BBCBreakfast but it has been men on bikes for HOURS!

“Can’t you show some highlights of what has happened overnight or the gymnastics that you’ve relegated to the red button? #bored.”

“Still more road racing, where is the gymnastics promised? Very disappointing,” a third blasted.

“Where’s the men’s gymnastics?” a fourth asked. “You took it off air while you said it was moving from red button to BBC One?

“But you guys didn’t even mention it! The coverage just isn’t good enough like this.”

Someone else wrote: “No coverage of Murray/Salisbury match! Didn’t realise Olympic coverage was going to be so limited. In previous Olympics, if there was a camera on a sport the BBC would have a stream available. Now there are just one or two options.”

Thankfully not everyone was displeased: “Fantastic race up to now.”

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