Demi Moore shares cosy embrace with Fendi fashion director

Demi Moore and Fendi’s Kim Jones shared an affectionate embrace

Demi Moore declared her undying love for Fendi director Kim Jones, even jokily choosing to take on his surname in her Instagram caption. 

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Demi Moore, who is due to turn 60 next month, wasn’t shy about expressing her fondness for Fendi’s artistic director when she chose to share the experience with no less than 12.3 million Instagram followers.

Award-winning actress Demi affectionately captioned the snaps: “Quality time with Mr. Jones. Love you! Yours forever, Mrs. Jones.”

Last year, Kim had chosen Demi to open up a Fendi show at Paris Fashion Week, amid criticism for her “unrecognisable” appearance.

Yet, despite claiming that “gravity” had hit and was “going in directions I’m not fond of”, Demi was soon back to her characteristically glamorous self, as her photo with Kim demonstrates.

With her long jet black hair trailing down to her navel, and her puppy stowed safely in her sweatshirt’s front pocket like a kangaroo, Demi showed no signs of a woman about to enter her seventh decade of life.

Demi Moore’s Chihuahua puppy was present in the picture too

Demi Moore’s pup poked its head playfully out of her sweatshirt pocket as she cradled her beloved pet close to her during the meet-up with Kim.

Demi Moore’s relationship with Fendi is a long-standing one

Demi Moore had previously hit the red carpet in honour of Fendi at the January 2021 Paris Fashion Week show. 

Demi Moore looked sensational as she hit the catwalk

In spite of claims by some that she looked “unrecognisable”, Demi still looked uncompromisingly glamorous in her black satin trouser suit and statement earrings that dangled right down to her armpits. 

Last month, Demi Moore signed up to star in a new series

Demi Moore might not look like the murderous type, but her latest series, Feud, sees her take on the role of socialite Ann Woodward, who was accused of murdering her husband in real life back in 1955.

Demi Moore has also been modelling a swimwear range

In other news in Demi Moore’s constantly busy life, she has been modelling her flawless body in a bikini by Andie Swim, leading model Helena Christensen to marvel publicly on Instagram: “You’re always summer!”

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