Dr. Dre Wins Legal Battle as Nicole Young Claims She’s Receiving Death Threats

The judge also reportedly rejects the music mogul’s estranged wife’s request to move up the hearing, which was initially set for January, on her $5 million attorney’s fees to this month.

AceShowbizDr. Dre wins his legal battle against his estranged wife Nicole Young. It has been revealed that on Thursday, October 1 that a judge rejected Nicole’s request for him to pay $1.5 million for various expenses, such as security.

According to TMZ, the judge also dismissed her request of Dre paying out $5 million for her lawyer’s fees. Meanwhile, her lawyers urged the judge to accept her $1.5 million claim for security, claiming that she’s been getting death threats. They also said that the money would be used for other expenses.

As to why the judge made the decision, it was allegedly because Nicole dismissed her security team that the music mogul was paying for. Nicole claimed Dre was too controlling and wanted to hire security on her own. Additionally, according to her, Dre threatened to fire the security if they didn’t follow his orders.

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Despite that, Dre’s lawyer, Laura Wasser, told the judge that he is inclined to pay all of Nicole’s expenses pending the divorce, including security. She would be able to select a private security company for her personal protection as long as it doesn’t cost more than Dre was paying.

The judge also rejected Nicole’s request to move up the hearing, which was initially set for January, on her $5 million attorney’s fees to this month. The judge claimed that there were more serious cases that he needed to be working on and if Dre was trying to control her, he advised Nicole to file a restraining order against Dre.

Dre and Nicole’s legal battle made headlines in September after it was revealed that she sought a nearly $2 million a month for temporary spousal support, though it’s unknown if that’s the same as the $1.5 million request she made for security. Of the $2 million claim, Dre responded, “This all seems like the wrath of an angry person being exacerbated by opportunistic lawyers.”

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