Ed Sheeran Doesnt Know His Social Media Password After Having New Phone

The ‘Shape of You’ hitmaker has seemingly continued to steer clear of social media after finally buying a new phone, four years after getting rid of his last gadget.

AceShowbizEd Sheeran has bought a new mobile phone – four years after getting rid of his last one.

The pop star, who will release his fifth album “= (Equals)” in October, revealed he’s bought a Nokia 3310 so he can use the NHS app while he travels amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

He shared, “I’ve been doing promotion overseas and quarantine afterwards. The government call you but I didn’t have a phone for them to call me on. They were really on me. I think they were trying to catch me out.”

Ed actually received a call from someone within half an hour of leaving his house.

He told “Table Manners with Jessie Ware“, “I don’t know if they have GPRS tracking but we did a five-day test to release thing and on the fifth day I left and then they rung and were like, ‘You’ve left your house.’ “

Despite this, Ed still isn’t sure how they knew he’d left the house so quickly.

The “Perfect” hitmaker said, “I don’t know whether my neighbours are just ringing up. But I basically got the all-clear on an email just saying, ‘You’re ready to go’ so I left and within half an hour they were like, ‘Why have you left?’ “

Ed also revealed that his new phone doesn’t even allow him to download social media apps.

In fact, the chart-topping pop star doesn’t know the password to his own TikTok account, meaning someone else has to upload his videos to the platform.

Ed – who has 11-month-old daughter Lyra with his wife Cherry Seaborn – explained, “I don’t know the login for my TikTok. People tell me to do this video and then I guess it goes up.”

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