Er, It Looks Like Felicity Huffman Might Be Going to Prison for Her Part in the College Admissions Scandal

I hope you’ve had your morning coffee, cause now it’s time for a college admissions scandal update!

As you may recall, back in April Felicity Huffman pled guilty for her part in Operation Varsity Blues, and took a plea deal after being charged with conspiracy to commit mail and honest services fraud. But in non-legal jargon, Felicity is said to have paid $15,000 to cheat on a college entrance exam, which included her daughter being given “twice the amount of time to take the SAT as other students and the paid proctor agreed to secretly correct her answers afterward.”

And for the past few months, the justice system has been working on figuring out Felicity’s sentencing. According to TMZ, prosecutors were recommending between 4 and 10 months in prison back in May. And for context, that’s way less than what fellow college scandal celeb Lori Loughlin is facing after not taking the plea deal—she could be sentenced to up to 40 years in prison.

While the judge on Felicity’s case still hasn’t made an official ruling, the U.S. Attorney filed documents yesterday recommending one month in federal prison and a $20,000 fine.

Part of the documents, obtained by TMZ, read:

Yikes! TBD on whether or not Felicity will actually have to serve time, but this isn’t looking great for her 😬.

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