Eric Church Drops New Single ‘Hell Of A View’

Eric Church has released a new single, “Hell Of A View,” from his upcoming project.

“Hell Of A View,” which is a mid-tempo ballad, speaks about the thrill of a life one experiences with the loved one.

Church co-wrote the song’s lyrics with Casey Beathard and Monty Criswell.

“You liked the thought of chasin’ life instead of dollar bills,” Church sings. “We’re livin’ reckless, nothin’ to catch us baby but the ground.”

The song has vocals from Joanna Cotten, a longtime Church touring vocalist.

“This ain’t for everybody / Toes hangin’ off the ledge like we got nothin’ to lose / Ain’t always Heaven, baby / This livin’ on the edge,” Church sings in the chorus, backed up by Cotten’s harmonies. “You holdin’ me holdin’ you / It’s a hell of a view.”

Church recently released some new songs, including “Bad Mother Trucker,” “Crazyland,” and “Stick That in Your Country Song,” and all these are likely to form part of his upcoming album.

Church’s previous album was Desperate Man, released in 2018.

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