'Fox and Friends' Host Steve Doocy Trashed by Fans for Wearing a Mask

Fans were not pleased to see the conservative political commentator wearing a mask while shopping, journalist Yashar Ali says

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“Fox & Friends” host Steve Doocy got flack from fans who were irate when the conservative political commentator posted a video on Instagram wearing a mask, prompting him to disable its comments, according to journalist Yashar Ali.

“Fox & Friends co-host Steve Doocy had to turn off comments on this Instagram post because fans were yelling at him for wearing a mask. He was inside a Walmart in NJ where masks are required,” Ali tweeted Sunday. “Judge Jeanine has been attacked by fans as well for posting IG pics while wearing a mask.”

The video posted Saturday shows a masked Doocy in the book section of a New Jersey Walmart, where he says he was picking up supplies. “Here in Jersey you gotta wear a mask, obviously. But here’s the thing about Walmart,” he added, holding up a copy of his book “The Happy in a Hurry Cookbook: 100-Plus Fast and Easy New Recipes That Taste Like Home.” “It’s the exclusive place where you can get our cookbook that has a tailgating chapter in it, a bunch of recipes on how to make your tailgate special, only available at Walmart.”

Suspiciously missing from the post: comments, which Ali said is because fans disapproving of Doocy’s mask were set off. “Judge Jeanine has been attacked by fans as well for posting IG pics while wearing a mask,” Ali wrote.

Doocy, however, was following New Jersey guidelines and, in fact, has advocated for masks in the past.

“More states every day are mandating people, their citizens, to wear masks and I think that if the president wore one it would just set a good example. He would be a good role model,” Doocy said in June while interviewing Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel. He also joked that “MAGA” should stand for “Masks Are Great Again.”

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