Geordie Shore cast say Gaz Beadle has ‘changed the most’ and barely speaks to them

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A decade ago, the Geordie Shore crew energetically burst onto our screens and quickly attracted attention thanks to their wild nights – and even wilder hook-ups.

Ever since, the cast have continued to get “mortal” and entertain viewers, but some big names from the past have moved on to other projects.

So, to mark 10 years of the hit series – and all its most raucous moments – MTV has reunited original cast members Charlotte Crosby and James Tindale who left the show in 2015, along with current show favourites Chloe Ferry and Nathan Henry, for a nostalgic road trip.

Geordie Shore: Ten Years On The Toon sees Charlotte driving the foursome around as they stop off at some of their favourite Newcastle haunts.

Charlotte was joined on the road trip by her three Geordie co-stars, Nathan and James, both 30, and Chloe, 25. Here, they reflect on the past decade.

Happy 10 years, guys! We feel like that’s flown by…

Nathan: Try being on the show! [Laughs] Me and Chloe have been on it six years and I honestly feel like we joined last year or the year before.

Chloe: It does go quick, it’s scary! But it was so nice to see everyone and go to all these places where we have so many memories.

James: Going to all the places we used to film in, that we hadn’t been to for five years, brought back all the good memories. Some of the memories we’ve had over the last 10 years are just insane. We’ll relive them for the rest of our lives.

Is Charlotte a good tour guide?

Nathan: As far as tour guides go, she’s one of the greatest I would say. I wouldn’t tell her to give up the day job, but she’s up there with them.

James: Charlotte can make any situation fun!

James, you were there at the beginning. How does that feel?

James: One of the original gang, aye! It’s just mad as when I think back to when I was getting ready for the first series, I just thought it was going to be a laugh and that it wasn’t even going to be on TV.

I didn’t expect it to get another series, never mind being on series 20-odd a decade later.

How has it changed your lives, Chloe and Nathan?

Nathan: To start with – without sounding big-headed – we’re famous now. That in itself is just weird. When I joined Geordie Shore, I knew I’d be known, but I didn’t think my life would change as much as it has.

No one can prepare you for this life. There’s no rule book or handbook – it’s just f**king bizarre!

Chloe: When I went into the house, I was only young and so unaware. But when it hit the TV, my life totally changed. I knew it had changed when I went to the Creamfields festival. I thought, “Nobody will recognise me,” and then everyone did. It was crazy. I never expected it.

Has it changed for the better?

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Chloe: It’s got its pros and cons. It’s given us such a good platform to do loads of things but then it’s got its negatives. I got trolled very badly when I joined the show.

But I’ve always been very thick-skinned, so I just ignored it. But I’m only human so sometimes it’s going to get us down.

Nathan: It’s the same for us lads as well. If you’re doing well in life, people don’t like that.

People like to see other people fail and to tear them down. So no matter what we do – we could be doing the Lord’s work, charity work or anything – but someone is probably going to have something to say about it.

I’ve learnt to live with that and I’m OK with that. Unless they are paying my bills, or going to give me opportunities, I don’t give a f**k. I’m going to live my life, I’m going to do me and I’ll enjoy it.

Tell us about some of your favourite memories…

James: For me, it’s been all the opportunities to go abroad and see so many beautiful places, and get to do what we do best in the warm. It’s so much nicer going into a beach club with random people than being in Newcastle.

Chloe: Just getting on the show in the first place. The best thing about it is being able to treat my family to what they want because I never had that when I was younger.

Nathan:My highlight is coming out on the show. I did that with no intention of it being as big as it was. I know it sounds like I’m being narcissistic, but it’s an actual fact that when that happened, it changed Geordie Shore forever.

It went from being about boys shagging birds to actually being like, “Not everyone is the same, we are all different.”

It changed the show for the better and it helped fans. That for me is amazing.

What was the reaction like to that?

Nathan: I thought the reaction was going to be so bad because I was black, as well as being gay. I didn’t think it would go down well. But it was the complete opposite. It was just a blessing.

The cast’s wild ways have attracted plenty of attention. Do you have any regrets?

James: None. If you’re going to do a show like Geordie Shore , you’ve got to be a certain type of person and that sort of person just doesn’t care. You’re just in it for a good time – and that’s what we do!

Chloe: Never have any regrets. You can’t live in the past. If you’re going to live in the past, you’re going to ruin your life.

Nathan: Who is Chloe Ferry today? She’s a phenomenon. This is life advice, I love it.

Chloe: Listen, I’ve been getting help, man. I speak to someone who’s really, really helpful. The first lockdown we had was the best thing that happened to me because I’ve really sat and thought what I want in my life, what kind of person I am and I’ve really learnt about myself.

When you take a step back, you really find yourself.

Some faces from the past haven’t come back. Are you all still in touch?

Nathan: We still speak to them. Once you’re on Geordie Shore, there’s no escaping the other members. We are a family. Everyone’s here, there and everywhere but it was just nice that us four managed to do it and be there for the others.

James: Obviously it was a shame that some of them couldn’t be there but if we do anything else in the future, it would be nice to have everybody back.

So no bad blood between any of you?

James: Oh God, no. All of us went on this amazing journey together and we all lived in each other’s pockets for years so we’re always going to have that amazing bond.

Chloe: We’re Newcastle girls so we’ve all got exactly the same banter. I have made some amazing memories in that house and I will tell my grandkids the memories. I love all the girls to death.

Who do you think has changed most over the years?

James: I feel like Gaz [Beadle] has changed a lot. Obviously, I don’t really know him now because he doesn’t really speak to anyone that much. But from being in the early series and what he was like, to now having a family and a missus… I remember back then we thought, “You’re never going to settle down.”

Will you all have a big party when restrictions allow?

Nathan: Nothing’s been set in stone, but hopefully there will be something where we can all come back together and celebrate. It would be quite nice to actually catch up with everyone – especially after being locked away for two years. And even before that. I haven’t seen Gary and Scott in ages so it would be nice to do something.

Describe your dream night…

Nathan: I actually wouldn’t want to drink. I would want a big, massive family meal.

Chloe: Yeah, and we could go round the table and talk about memories. It would be mint.

This sounds very sensible – you’ve all grown up!

Nathan: No, obviously we’d then get drunk and an argument would kick off. There would be no TV without a little bicker. We’re family and every family argues.

Which Geordie celebrity would you like to take out on the town?

Chloe: [Chants] Shearer, Shearer!

Nathan: The girls from Little Mix – Perrie and Jade. But Perrie’s having a baby so we’ll have Jade! She’d love it, man.

James: I’d be happy with that, like.

What are your top tips for dealing with hangovers?

Nathan: Mine are quite crude. Self-pleasure is one. Trust me. The order to do them in is to rest, have a poo, drink plenty of fluids and have a smoothie with bananas, shower, and then masturbation.

Honestly, the release of endorphins… You might think, “Oh, I can’t be arsed!” but once you’ve had that release, you can get on with the day. I live by that.

Chloe: I used to never get hangovers and I’ve started to get them really bad now. But like Nathan said, a bit of masturbation, a couple of times – get the little wand out. Then get a dirty kebab or pizza, and have a nice hot bath.

James: That wasn’t what I was going to say. I was thinking of water and some Lucozade!

Finally, where do you see yourselves in another decade?

Nathan: I would like to be in my forever home with my children and my husband and my dogs. I’d have wrapped up my TV career – I want to be a stay-at-home house husband and raise my children.

James: I want to be living abroad and to have met someone and have a couple of kids. But I still want to be massively into my fitness. Hopefully, I’ll meet someone with the same interest and we can do it together – we can be this fitness power couple and she’ll be mint.

Chloe: In the next five years I want to settle down and have kids. I’m so ready for that next step in my life now. Happiness comes first.

Watch Geordie Shore: Ten Years On The Toon, a two-part anniversary special, on 25 May and 1 June at 10pm on MTV

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