Get rid of that bulge Jane Seymour, 71, had plastic surgery after plea from photographer

Jane Seymour says she was 'honest' about cosmetic surgery

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Jane Seymour, 71, set the record straight as the age-defying beauty explained she has only ever undergone two procedures. The actress often takes to social media and shares photos of her youthful appearance.

In a recent interview, the Bond girl revealed it was a photographer who had urged her to go under the knife.

Her candid admission comes after the actress had forgotten she had undergone an eye lift and had breast implants.

Speaking about her TV series, Harry Wild, in April, the on-screen star recalled a moment three decades ago when she had a small nip and tuck.

She said: “They got it wrong and I’ll set you right… I was asked when I did Wedding Crashers had I had anything done, so I was honest, I’m always honest.

“I said, ”Yes, when I was 40, I had my breasts improved because my two children had been fed quite well and I felt they needed a little help.'”

She continued on Steph’s Packed Lunch: “I used to have, I still do, actually, a bit of a bulge under my eyes and the photographer I was working with said, ‘It’s very simple they can do something and get help rid of that bulge and would you please do it because it takes too long retouching?” So I said ok. But that’s it.”

Jane added: “I don’t have anything against anyone doing plastic surgery, I’ve never said that I haven’t done anything.

“I think I was probably asked have you done a facelift and I said no, I haven’t. That doesn’t mean I don’t think anyone else shouldn’t.”

Her comments come after she opened up about surgery and Hollywood in a candid interview with The Daily Express.

Jane remarked: “I am unusual in Hollywood in not having any work done, I only know one other actress who hasn’t had it – though she might have now!”

The age-defying beauty often takes to social media and showcases her youthful appearance, in view of her 250,000 followers.

The veteran star recently took to the picture-sharing site and shared a photo of herself in a fuschia bathing suit.


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Jane unveiled her trim physique as she put her long legs on full display.

The Dr Quinn actress kept her makeup minimal as she added a rouge lip and her tresses flowed loosely down her back.

The filmstar captioned the post: “Feeling the fuchsia vibes today!  Sometimes you’ve just got to throw on some colour! What do you think?”

She was swiftly inundated with messages as fans flooded the actress’ comment section.

Shannon gushed: “You look fabulous!” while Manda agreed: “Absolutely beautiful.”

Kathryn commented: “You’ve got it!! Flaunt it!!! Love the color and the suit!!! @janeseymour you are all things style and class! Pink is beautiful on you! (pink is my signature color’) to be spoken with true southern draw.”

Mercozier wrote: “All I can say is your body does not look like most 71 year old women!! You still got it lady! You look beautiful in that color.”

Kat: “You look beautiful!”

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