‘GUHHNY’ Preview: Flavor Flav Tells His Daughter That He Supports Her Wanting To Be In A Throuple

Da’Zyna opens up to her dad Flavor Flav about her bisexuality and wanting to be in a throuple in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the all-new episode of ‘Growing Up Hip Hop: New York.’

“I’m attracted to guys, I’m attracted to girls, I’m attracted to both sex. I want my husband to have two wives,” Da’Zyna tells dad Flavor Flav in our EXCLUSIVE sneak peek of the Oct. 3 episode of GUHHNY. She admits she wants to be in a throuple. Flavor Flav is a bit confused about what being in a throuple entails. Da’Zyna explains that she wants to be her husband’s wife and then they’ll find a second wife together. “I want a wife, too,” Da’Zyna says.

“Being a bisexual woman, I definitely struggled a lot coming out to people that are really close to me,” Da’Zyna says in a confessional. “And I’ve really never had this conversation with my dad. For me to actually hear him say, ‘I support you.’ It feels really good.” Flavor Flav commends his daughter for “being open with me and telling me all of this ’cause I never knew it.”

In regards to wanting to be in a throuple, he says: “If that’s what you want and as long as you’re happy you make your own decision for yourself.” Flavor Flav continues, “It made me feel so proud and happy to hear her saying those words to me. At the end of the day, one thing you can’t take away is we’re family.”

The Oct. 3 episode synopsis reads: “Flavor Flav throws a grenade on Da’Zyna and YD’s budding romance. Irv and Deb bust into a fiery confrontation over JJ’s arrest. Charli’s leg injury threatens to derail the Murder Inc. Tour while Siaani goes on a mission to replace her absent momager.” Growing Up Hip Hop: New York airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on WE tv.

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