In our minds were always poor, say Tyson and Paris Fury as they admit to bargain hunting

With an estimated net worth of around £50million, many fans could be forgiven for thinking Tyson Fury and wife Paris are accustomed to splurging on day to day essentials.

However, the 35 year old boxer has revealed this isn’t the case, as he admitted both he and his wife were far more likely to be seen nipping down to the local supermarket to bag themselves a bargain from shops such as Lidl, Aldi or even Asda.

Tyson first made the surprising admission during an interview on the JOE YouTube channel, when he admitted that just like the rest of us, he was fond of a bargain, and didn’t see the point of spending extra money if he didn’t have to.

“Well it's food, isn't it?,” he explained on the show. “Everywhere I go people say they don't expect to see me there. It's not like there's a special celebrity place to go shopping. We don't live like rich people. Whether we're shopping in Aldi or looking for a meal deal or something or taking the kids to a funky Wacky Warehouse place, we're the same."

Revealing that “in our minds we’re always poor” Tyson cited one snack in particular has he shared an example of his money saving mentality.

"I'm not gonna pay $3.50 for a pack of KitKats that's usually on offer, no way,” he candidly declared. “No matter how much money I've got I just won't do it because it's not in me to do that.”

After his last fight with Dillian Whyte in April, Tyson is thought to have bagged himself a cheque for somewhere in the region of £25.8million ($33 million) but rather than splurge with his wealth, Tyson has always championed living a normal life, something which he thinks resonates with members of the public.

The entire Fury family, including brother Tommy and fiancee Molly-Mae Hague are currently starring in the Netflix series At Home With The Furys, which charts the day to day ins and outs of the life of the boxer and his family.

Unlike other more formulaic or staged shows, this series has been widely publicised as an authentic insight into the family’s life, and it’s that level of normality that wife Paris, who is currently expecting her seventh child, thinks appeals to audiences.

Interestingly she did concede that her showbiz life is far from normal to some people, but explained it’s “our normal” and wanted more people to see that for themselves to get a better insight into their lives.

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