Ioan Gruffudds GF Relieved After His Daughters Restraining Order Plea Is Rejected by Court

Both the ‘Fantastic Four’ actor and his girlfriend Bianca Wallace are glad with the ruling that rejected Ella Evans’ bid for a restraining order amid family dispute.

AceShowbizIoan Gruffudd‘s 13-year-old daughter has failed in her bid for a restraining order against his girlfriend. Ella Evans had lodged documents for a civil harassment protection from Bianca Wallace last month but, on Friday, June 23, a judge at Los Angeles Superior Court turned down the teenager’s application, MailOnline reports.

Additionally, Ella – whose mother is the “Fantastic Four” star’s estranged wife Alice Evans – has sought a restraining order against Ioan, having accused both him and his partner of abuse, but the court will hear that application on 13 July as part of a wider custody hearing.

Judge Josh Freeman Stinn also appointed a minors counsel – a lawyer asked to represent the best interests of a child – for Ella and her nine-year-old sister Elsie. The “Liar” actor’s team are said to see the move as a “positive” one for the case while Bianca was described as “relieved” to hear the ruling.

The hearing came after the 49-year-old actor accused Alice – who he has a three-year restraining order against, which bars her from mentioning him on social media – used fake Twitter accounts to brand him and Bianca “child abusers.”

He said in court documents, “Since May 26 there have been a number of anonymous social media accounts set up 22 on Twitter naming Bianca and myself ‘child abusers’, and making incredibly slanderous and 23 defamatory claims. Alice has slipped up a number of times on these accounts, making clear the 24 ‘anonymous’ accounts are her accounts.”

He added about Ella’s Twitter account allegedly being involved in the smear campaign against him and Bianca, “Ella and/or Alice have also been using Ella’s own Twitter 25 account.”

“I sought and obtained the DVRO (domestic violence restraining order) against Alice in part because she was using her social 26 media accounts to continue to harass, threaten, and disturb the peace of both me and Bianca. Most of 27 the accounts were public and I saw that Ella accessed many of them.”

Ioan also alleged Ella hacked his Instagram account and shared what he called “unsavoury comments,” which he said Alice then posted on her own account. He added, “With the children not in therapy again and Alice’s behaviour worsening, by February 26, 2022, I had to seek a restraining order against Alice.”

Ioan, who also has nine-year-old Elsie with Alice, insists in the court filing he told Alice in 2020 he was unhappy in their marriage, and alleges she threatened to “ruin” him if he walked out, and added she also apparently threatened to brand him a child abuser if he left and “take the girls away.”

In Ella’s restraining order documents, she claimed to be “scared” of her father and accused Bianca of having “slammed a door on her head,” which left her bruised, as she tried to escape their home following a blazing argument.

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