Jack Harlow Clears Security to Take Photo with Young Fan at Kentucky Derby

Jack Harlow always has time for his fans … even the youngest ones on the outskirts.

The rapper cleared a path this weekend for a 10-year-old who was seeking a photo with him at the Kentucky Derby, but was blocked off by a gaggle of security guards flanking him on all sides.

The kid’s mother, Katy Mackin, tells TMZ … her daughter, Veronica, saw Jack down on the race track where he was scheduled to do the “riders up” call — signaling the jockeys to take their starting positions on the horses. This family had a horse running, BTW … Smile Happy.

Anyway, we’re told Veronica saw Jack — whom she loves — and was eager for a pic … something that was gonna be hard to achieve with all the muscle around him.

Lucky for her, Jack’s got eagle eyes … Mackin tells us he spotted her and figured she was itching for a quick meet and greet — which he obliged by opening up the sea of men, so to speak. Before long, she was hugging the guy and got her snap!

We’re told Jack told her to stay in school and to follow her dreams — especially since she’s a local. He’s from the area as well, and said his success story could be repeated by Veronica.

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