Jason Manford baffled by man wearing pyramid on his head – but we can explain

Jason Manford has started the year feeling baffled, confused and perplexed – so just like 99.9% of the UK population, then.

But it's not the prospect of WWIII breaking out, Australia being on fire or the continued existence of Dominic Cummings' political career that had him scratching his head.

Rather, it was the sight of a man wearing a jaunty pyramid hat that got the funnyman's brow a-furling.

Taking to Twitter to share his puzzlement, Jason posted a picture of the back of the man's head surrounded by the unusual gold structure.

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"Popped to Pret during our lunch break from @MusicalCurtains today and this guy was in front of me in the queue," wrote the comedian.

"Any idea what this is? Or why it is? I nearly asked him but ya know, London innit?"

Jason's followers were just as bemused, with one commenting: "Hope he's not escaped from prism."

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Another joked: "Heavier than it looks that hat, do u know how many people help him put it on??? A pharaoh mount. I'll get me coat."

And a third snorted: "Might be involved in one of those dodgy pyramid schemes?"

But the Mirror can reveal the man's mysterious headgear is none other than a 'Raydome' – and it sparked exactly the same outpouring of confusion five years ago.

Wearing a Raydome supposedly "creates a natural field of negative ions, increases concentration, promotes greater attention span, boosts memory, detoxifies body and decreases appetite."

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According to one pseudoscientific theory, pyramids have been used to sharpen razor blades and keep cheese and fruit fresh.

One Raydome fan, called Dominic K on his Twitter profile , used to be spotted out and about in London back in 2015, and happily told the Mirror at the time why he wore it.

"I wear the pyramid device to help my body counter-effect the air pollution in central London, and to keep relaxed and focused," he said.

"A wonderful company in America called Pyradyne make them. I've been using their products for a decade."

Jason? You're welcome.

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