Jenelle Evans: I Can Drive Drunk If I Want!

You know how sometimes you read stories about something a celebrity has said or done and you think “Wow, that’s pretty goofy”? 

And you know how sometimes you then read a story about something Jenelle Evans in particular has said or done and you think “Well this is just on a totally different level”?

If the answer to both of those questions is “yes,” then you pretty much know where this is headed.

OK, so Jenelle has quite the history of substance abuse.

She’s always been a huge lover of weed, like just an absolute superfan.

She got into a little bit of trouble when her third child, Ensley, had marijuana in her system when she was born, and there have been tons of rumors that her two other children failed drug tests at birth, too.

Observant followers have noted on several different occasions that Jenelle seems to have dabbing equipment in her bedroom — dabbing, if you’re unfamiliar, is basically an intense and sometimes dangerous way to smoke weed.

There was also a time when her drug use got a whole, whole lot more serious.

Several years ago, back in the Kieffer Delp era, she was addicted to heroin.

Lots of people seem to think that she and husband David Eason are abusing something these days, but there’s no solid proof that they’re doing anything other than smoking weed and drinking.

So let’s talk about that drinking now, shall we?

If you follow either one of them on social media, you’ll likely have noticed that there seems to be a real increase in their beer intake lately.

Jenelle was never a major drinker — she really has devoted so much of herself to her beloved weed — but now it seems like she’s constantly knocking back Coronas.

You can see empty bottles on the ground outside their home, she features beer in her videos on social media.

It honestly feels a lot like she’s just turned 21 and is finally able to buy beer so she keeps bragging about having it even though literally no one is impressed and also she’s a married mother of three.

It’s pretty embarrassing, but hey, that’s just Jenelle.

And embarrassing drunk behavior is precisely what we’re going to be talking about today.

Jenelle’s latest TikTok video shows our girl sitting in her car, drinking a Corona and lip syncing to a song about drinking.

Seriously, that was the whole video.

Many of her followers took issue with this because traditionally, it’s not a great idea to drink in a car.

She obviously wasn’t driving or anything, and some people say it looks like she’s not even in the driver’s seat, but that part isn’t clear.

Whatever seat she’s in, it’s pretty clear that she was just hanging out in the car, listening to music.

But as usual, she had to make things worse in the comments.

One person left a comment that read “DUI in the making” with a bunch of laughing emojis, and to that, Jenelle wrote “This is in my yard…. we sit a lot cuz I don’t have lounge chairs.”

They sit in the car because she doesn’t have lounge chairs? At that point why not just sit inside?

Do she and David sit in the car and drink while the kids play outside?

That’s kind of the only thing that makes sense, but of course “making sense” is a bit of a stretch here.

But then she followed that comment up with “And yeah if I wanted I could drink and drive on my own property but I def don’t. I was using the radio to Miley’s new album.”

She forgot a few words there, obviously, so the Coronas must have been kicking in, but you get the gist.

What kind of ridiculous comment is that, “If I wanted I could drink and drive on my own property,” why even say something like that?

She could drink and drive where her kids play? Where the goats are? Where her chickens run around?

Really it’s irresponsible for her to just put the phrase “If I wanted I could drink and drive” out there at all.

Hopefully she realizes how silly she looks and sounds with all of this, and since she keeps claiming she’s making buckets of cash as an influencer, maybe she can shell out a little money for some lounge chairs so this isn’t an issue at all.

But it just wouldn’t be Jenelle if there wasn’t stupid, pointless drama, would it?

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