Jennifer Lopez Performed at Wedding, First Video of New Song for Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez can’t get enough of Ben Affleck … that’s exactly what she told him with a song and dance she performed for her husband during their wedding, and we have the video!!!

J Lo took over the dance floor at Ben’s Georgia estate during their wedding celebration, grabbing the mic and performing a new song while Ben sat alone in a chair … just a few steps away from the new Mrs. Affleck.

The lyrics are pretty affectionate … Jen’s singing about passion, still being in love and there’s even a catchy hook, “Can’t get enough.”

J Lo’s doing it all in her wedding dress, and she’s even got backup singers and dancers!!!

For his part, Ben really seemed to enjoy his front row seat … just check out the loving look on his face as he watches his bride strut her stuff.

As you know … Ben and Jen’s huge ceremony and party went down last weekend — at the same venue where they were supposed to get married 20 years ago — with tons of friends and family there to celebrate the newlyweds.

Come for the wedding, stay for the J Lo concert.

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