Jeremy Clarkson defends telling fans to ‘go away’ after refusing selfie at mum’s funeral

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The Grand Tour star Jeremy Clarkson, 60, was asked how he handles being approached by fans away from the cameras, to which he joked people often enjoy him being rude to them. The car enthusiast began by saying being asked for selfies was “constant” and said “you are expected to give over your entire life” when in the public eye.

They’re pleased that I crossly tell them to get lost

Jeremy Clarkson

Asked how he handles being famous, the former Top Gear star said: “I’m very fortunate in that I’ve sort of developed a curmudgeonly image I suppose, which means that when I tell people to ‘Go away,’ let’s say, when they ask for a selfie, some people are actually quite pleased that I’ve been rude to them because it’s what they were expecting.

“They’re like, ‘Oh he’s just told me to…’ I won’t say the word.

“They actually want to be told to ‘Go away’ by me, so they’re pleased that I crossly tell them to ‘Get lost’.

“I try not to with children obviously, but when a fully grown man says, ‘Can I pose with you for a photograph?’

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“I think Oh, for heaven’s sake, what are you going to do with it?

“So yeah, I don’t really do selfies, that’s one of the great things about Covid, you can go out with a beanie on and a face mask and if they do recognise you, you can also go ‘sorry I can’t be within six metres, go away’.”

Speaking further on the Andy Jaye podcast, he went on to recall a time a fan asked him for a selfie after his mum’s funeral.

He continued: “People listening will think, ‘Oh he’s stuck up’ and I get that but the fact is, when it is every single minute, or for example, you’ve come out off your mum’s funeral and they are like, ‘Let’s have a selfie’.

“This is what people don’t understand there are times where you can be in a desperate hurry or sometimes people can just be b*****y rude.”

Last year, Jeremy hit back at a Twitter user who slammed him for refusing to have picture with three young fans at The Big Feastival.

The presenter was accused by a festival attendee of “smashing rum down his neck” and “disappointing” the fans who wanted to speak to him.

The person wrote: “Great weekend at the Big Feastival @alexjameshq farm weather was best ever shame about @JeremyClarkson smashing the rum down his neck and really disappointing 3 young fans who really wanted to say hi.”


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Reacting to the claim, Jeremy replied: “I’m sure they’ll get over it.”

The Twitter user responded: “@JeremyClarkson great attitude to have enjoy your life just proved the real you.”

Jeremy hit back telling the Twitter user he doesn’t like to “waste” his childrens’ time on “other peoples” when away from work.

The Grand Tour star replied: “Never hid it. If I’m with my kids, I don’t waste their time by doing selfies for other people’s.”

The Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? star’s mother Shirley died after a five-year battle with breast cancer in 2014.

His father Edward passed away 20 years earlier.

The host was raised by his parents in Doncaster, West Riding of Yorkshire.

He is a father-of-three to children; Katya, Emiy and Finlo.

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