John Lennon Letter Up for Auction, Signed it the Day He Was Killed

Hours before John Lennon‘s murder he put pen to paper, for perhaps the final time in his life, and now that document is up for grabs … to any collector with deep pockets.

The typed letter was personally signed by JL on December 8, 1980 — the day he was shot and killed outside his NYC home — and it’s believed to be the last legal doc with his autograph.

John sent it to his accountant, Barry Nichols, and it lists 3 people to whom John gave his proxy to vote at an annual meeting for the Beatles corporations … which was happening 9 days later in London.

This particular memorabilia is expected to fetch between $30k and $50k … and if it does, that would be a sweet deal considering his last autograph sold for $100k!

As you know … the Beatles legend was infamously murdered by Mark David Chapman as he was walking into The Dakota — John and Yoko Ono‘s apartment building on Central Park.

Album John Lennon Signed for Murderer Expected to Get $2 Million at Auction

Ironically, Lennon put his signature on something else that day … a copy of his “Double Fantasy” album, which Chapman had asked him to sign hours before the shooting. That was auctioned back in 2020, and sold for $900k.

Gotta Have Rock and Roll is in charge of the letter auction, which opens Wednesday.

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