Jon Voight Calls Out Daughter Angelina Jolie Over Palestine Stance

Jon Voight is on opposite ends of the Israel-Palestine conflict from his daughter, Angelina Jolie … and he explained in impassioned terms why he thinks she’s wrong.

The actor posted a lengthy video on Instagram, in which he torches his own flesh and blood for her mostly pro-Palestine stance … where she called for a ceasefire, and condemned Israel’s bombing campaign in Gaza.

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JV says Israel is in the midst of war, and that their retaliation, by nature, will be ugly … which he believes is justified due to the Oct. 7 terrorist attack carried out by Hamas.

As Jon puts it … he says he’s disappointed with Angie for “having no understanding of God’s honor, God’s truths” — going on to call Israel’s response in Gaza “justice for God’s children in the Holy land. He also says this conflict can’t be civil now … it’s gone too far for that.

Jon also points out a tactic that many military strategists say Hamas uses in burrowing itself among innocent Palestinians — namely, using human shields to defend themselves.

Bottom line … Jon is very much pro-Israel, and is nowhere near calling for peace like AJ. FWIW, JV’s words here are probably falling on deaf ears … he’s estranged from his kid.

As far as his point, though … the bodies are piling up in Gaza — well over 9,000 now by many estimations — and Israel is falling increased scrutiny fortheir cause. More and more U.S. politicians are calling for a “pause” … including President Joe Biden and his staff.

Destruction In Gaza

Benjamin Netanyahu has showed no signs of giving in/slowing down … it’s full-steam ahead.

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