Kanye West Says He Only Wishes Death on Jews Who Did Him Wrong

Kanye West may have dug an even deeper hole over his anti-Semitic comments, saying when he said he wanted to go “death con 3” on Jews, he only meant the ones who screwed him over.

The rapper went on Piers Morgan‘s show, and it seems he thought he was going to get a more friendly reception from the host than what actually went down.

Ye was pressed on whether his anti-Semitic remarks were racist, and he says they were indeed.

Morgan pushed Kanye, and Ye said he was targeting Jews who did him wrong, and those are the people with whom he wanted to go DEFCON 3. His only “apology” was to the other Jews who did not deserve his ire. Again, still anti-Semitic.

You’ll recall, Kanye made comments earlier when he seemed to blame Jewish execs in Hollywood for mistreating black entertainers. And he also railed on JP Morgan, invoking the old trope of Jews controlling the banks.

You’d think more appearances would help clarify things, but it feels like the more Kanye talks … the less we understand.

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