Kim Kardashian’s Prom Photo From 1996 Is An Absolute Must-See

Things have definitely changed since the early ’90s. From fashion to entertainment and basically everything in between, that era was much different than the ’00s. But, if there’s one thing that’s remained the same, it’s Kim Kardashian’s ability to slay any outfit she chooses. Kim Kardashian’s prom photo from 1996 is an absolute gem.

As Kardashian does her part to help slow the COVID-19 curve by practicing social distancing and remains self-quarantined with her family in Calabasas, she’s been keeping busy by sifting through old photos. Luckily for fans, instead of Kardashian hiding from her High School dance look — which included *ultra* thin eyebrows and an up-do that was definitely found in any hairstyle magazine back in the ’90s — she embraced the past and posted it on Instagram for all of her followers to see.

Of course, Kardashian’s photo wasn’t posted *just* for fun. Seeing as how momager Kris Jenner was also in the pic, Kardashian used it to promote her new KKW Fragrance collab with Jenner: #KKWxKRIS.

"Throwback to @krisjenner seeing @kimkardashian off to prom," the pic posted to the KKW Fragrance Instagram page read. As if the photo itself isn’t absolutely adorable — and relatable — the handwritten "1996" on the polaroid gave fans epic flashbacks to simpler times.

It’s clear from the photo that Kardashian and her mama have always been super close. While Kardashian’s hair and makeup in the snap is much different than how she wears it nowadays, commenters couldn’t help but point out how Jenner seems to have not aged at all since 1996. Jenner’s hair is even practically the same as she still wears it nearly 24 years later.

Kardashian shared on April 22 that she has been "organizing all of the pictures in my phone and making folders for each of my children," so there’s a good chance fans can count on seeing more throwback photos in the days to come. Just don’t expect Kardashian to bring back her thin eyebrows any time soon.

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