Kourtney Kardashian’s Delicious Almond Milk Recipe Is Easy AF To Make!

Milk does a body good… just ask Kourtney Kardashian!

On Wednesday, lifestyle website Poosh published the KUWTK star’s almond milk recipe, which only requires two ingredients — three, if you are feeling fancy!

To make the beverage, you need two cups of whole unroasted & unsalted organic almonds, and six cups of water. If you would like to add “the Poosh touch,” throw in one teaspoon of vanilla extract.

First, boil the water and then add the almonds for three minutes. Afterward, drain the nuts and rinse them with cold water. Once this step is done, peel the almonds by hand.

Then, add the peeled almonds and water into a blender, and blend for two minutes or until the nuts are broken down into a smooth mixture. (THIS is where you can add the vanilla extract!)

Now, pour the milk through a fine-grade mesh bag into a big glass bowl. Then, add the almond milk to a mason jar and store for up to three days.

Voilà! You have just made Kourt’s famous concoction!

As we reported, in an interview with Glamour posted on Tuesday, Scott Disick‘s ex revealed she felt pressured to “figure out” her “passion by a certain time” — amid her sisters’ successful solo projects.

The mother-of-three dished:

“We used to do all of our projects together, so when we started splitting up and doing our own, I think I felt like, ‘Well what’s my thing?’… Everybody would put this pressure on me, even though I really just wanted to focus on being a mom. I didn’t want to take on something else. But once I really took the time to do it, once I figured out when the time was right for me—and that it really fit into my life without overwhelming me—then it became fulfilling.”

Fortunately, in April, she launched her publication — named after her seven-year-old daughter, Penelope Disick.

“My mom always tells me to really do something you love so that it doesn’t feel like work… I think this is one of the most fulfilling things I’ve done.”

In regards to why she started the site, the social media personality divulged:

“I just wanted to have a space where I could open up a conversation—where instead of being judgmental or being like, ‘This is the way and that’s it,’ the site offers things to learn about… I’ve learned so much from starting Poosh, even on topics that I may have wanted to know about but didn’t have the time to research. We’re finding out so much and are able to share that… I find them really fascinating.”

Kourt can do it all!

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