Like a sandwich Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick performs incredible procedure using buttons

Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick discusses difficult operations

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Noel Fitzpatrick, 53, has posted on Instagram today to tell his followers about an “incredible” surgery he performed on his cat called Ricochet. The Supervet stitched buttons on Ricochet’s ear “like a sandwich”, saving his life.

Ten buttons and five sandwiches in all.

Noel Fitzpatrick

Noel posted a series of three pictures on Instagram, in view of his 285,000 followers.

In the first Noel can be seen kissing Ricochet, with the buttons stitched on display.

The third picture includes a close up of the five different sized buttons stitched into Ricochet’s ear.

Noel captioned the lengthy post: “Over the past few weeks I needed to perform the kind of operation for my boy Ricochet that Vetman performs — using ordinary everyday things to fix his medical problem.

“When Ricochet was only a few months old he grew a polyp inside his skull in the bulla of his inner ear.

“This was removed by drilling into his skull and delicately dissecting it out.”

He continued: “Unfortunately he is now predisposed for life to inflammation and infection in his ear canal, middle and inner ear.

“The infection and inflammation recurred recently – and he shook his ear and scratched it overnight, causing bleeding into the ear flap (pinna) which swelled up with an aural haematoma.” (sic)

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Noel then told his Instagram followers the graphic details of exactly how the procedure was completed.

He said: “I cut into the skin on the inside of his ear flap and released the blood, and then I placed pairs of buttons with stitches between them – one on each side of the flap – like a sandwich.

“Ten buttons and five sandwiches in all.

“He’s recovering well and I will hopefully be able to remove the buttons soon, so that he can be out of his ‘Cone of Courage’ and back with his brother Excalibur.

“Vetman would be proud!”

Noel has just released a book titled Vetman and his Bionic Animal Clan, where the vet – based on Noel – uses everyday items to save animals.

Fans took to the comments on Noel’s Instagram to praise the Supervet for his extraordinary work on Ricochet.

Claire_francesxo said: “You never fail to completely amaze me!!”

Cleopatraanubis added: “I love the thinking outside the box that you do.

“He is a lucky boy to have you as his daddy.”

Lucys_diamond_sky commented: “Buttons!

“That’s inspired thinking indeed. Healing hugs on route to Ricochet.”

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