Lisa Marie Presley's Half-Brother Claims He Was Nearly Killed by Camel Before Her Death

navarone garibaldi garcia and lisa marie presley

Priscilla Presley nearly lost two children in two weeks … at least according to her son, Navarone Garcia, who says a camel almost killed him days before Lisa Marie Presley died.

Navarone, Lisa’s half-brother, claims he had a brush with death during a visit last month to an animal sanctuary outside Los Angeles … where he says a hungry camel tried to eat him.

Priscilla’s son says his mom was with him when he was feeding a 2,000-pound camel out of the palm of his hand … telling People the camel started biting him when he ran out of food.

navarone garibaldi lisa marie presley

Navarone says the animal first bit his hand and lifted him up, then dropped him to the ground and pounced on him. With the camel on top of him, Navarone claims the animal wrapped its mouth around Navarone’s head and bit him as sanctuary workers struggled to get the camel to release.

Lisa Marie Presley's Public Funeral at Graceland

Lisa Marie Presley's Public Funeral at Graceland

Priscilla, Navarone says, was freaking out as she watched the horrific scene unfold right in front of her, but fortunately, he claims a dog was Johnny on the spot and scared the camel off.

Navarone says the animal sanctuary called 911 but he preferred to make the hour trek back to Los Angeles to go to an emergency room closer to home. He says he walked into the ER with blood all over him and needed 34 staples in his head.

navarone garibaldi lisa marie presley

Lisa’s half-bro says he was happy he survived, and the feeling deepened after LMP died a few days later because, “My mom would’ve lost two kids in two weeks.”

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