Lisa Snowdon says doctors mistakenly prescribed antidepressants during menopause

In a frank interview with Lorraine, TV presenter Lisa Snowdon revealed that her doctor mistakenly prescribed her antidepressants for pre-menopause.

The model and former I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! star explained that her symptoms were misdiagnosed by her GP who told her she had depression.

Lisa experienced had been experiencing a low mood and bad anxiety, for which she was prescribed anti-depressants.

Yet, it later turned out that the star was experiencing the early stages of menopause.

Lisa disclosed to Lorraine how the early stages of menopause crept up on her, after her doctor did not recognise the signs.

She said: “When I look back it definitely did creep up on me, it wasn’t a definite pin point the actual day that I knew I was going into the pre-menopause.

“So when I look back it was about seven years ago when I started experiencing symptoms of depression, low mood and anxiety and then that was kind of, I was managing it because I just thought that’s what was wrong with me, maybe I was just a bit unhappy.

“Then I got prescribed anti-depressants, obviously that wasn’t what I needed but at the time, but I thought I did."

She continued: "And slowly but surely the symptoms sort of started changing, and evolving and it was painful periods, it was like awful cycles, really irregular.”

Lisa admitted that it was tough to figure out what was causing her these physical and emotional symptoms.

She added: “All these other symptoms that started coming up and it was a juggling act really and it was really hard to work out what was going on.”

The 48 year old previously opened up about making “peace” with not having children of her own with fiancé George Smart.

She told OK!: “I’ve totally made peace with it now. It wasn’t meant for this life for me but we’re lucky that we’ve got all our lovely little crazy nieces and nephews in our life.

"We don’t feel childless because we have so much contact with them.”

George added: “The same, my priority has always been Lisa and will always be. We feel very lucky to have nieces and nephews that we’re close to. We’re happy with our life.”

Lisa has been engaged to the creative director since Christmas 2017.

Their wedding was reportedly planned for earlier this year, but the couple were heartbroken to cancel their big day as they caught coronavirus.

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