Loki director Kate Herron on the outcry over Loki and Sylvies kiss

There was a lot of buzz around Loki being the first openly bisexual MCU character. In the comics, Loki is pansexual and gender-fluid. In the last episode of the Loki series, Loki kissed Sylvie, the female version of himself, which caused a huge uproar. Some people are saying that the kiss between the two Lokis was incestuous. Loki season one director, Kate Herron, is setting the record straight about the Loki on Loki action. Kate, who will not be returning to direct season two, states that the two Lokis are not brother and sister, therefore the kiss could not be incestuous. In fact, Kate believes that Loki falling in love with the female version of himself is more an exploration of self-love. Below are a few more highlights from Polygon:

Loki has been a hit for streaming service Disney Plus — episode 6 of the show, the final installment for this season, was reportedly watched by more households than any of the platform’s MCU finales to date. The series has been a popular source of fan conjecture and argument, with one particularly big rolling conversation focusing on whether the budding romantic relationship between trickster Asgardian Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and his alternate-universe counterpart Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) is a form of incest.

Herron is willing to speak up about that one. “My interpretation of it is that they’re both Lokis, but they aren’t the same person,” she says. “I don’t see them as being like brother and sister. They have completely different backgrounds […] and I think that’s really important to her character. They sort of have the same role in terms of the universe and destiny, but they won’t make the same decisions.”

Herron says thematically, Loki falling for Sylvie is an exploration of “self-love,” but only in the sense that it’s Loki learning to understand his own motives and integrity. “[The show is] looking at the self and asking ‘What makes us us?’” Herron says. “I mean, look at all the Lokis across the show, they’re all completely different. I think there’s something beautiful about his romantic relationship with Sylvie, but they’re not interchangeable.”

Directing the final kiss between the two characters was a complicated process because it had to communicate something about each of them over the course of just a few seconds. Herron says the primary goal was creating a safe, comfortable environment for Hiddleston and Di Martino, and after that, she had to think about how to bring across Loki and Sylvie’s conflicting goals in that moment.

“It’s an interesting one, right?” she says. “Emotionally, from Sylvie’s perspective, I think it’s a goodbye. But it’s still a buildup of all these feelings. They’ve both grown through each other over the last few episodes. It was important to me that it didn’t feel like a trick, like she was deceiving him. She is obviously doing that, on one hand, but I don’t feel the kiss is any less genuine. I think she’s in a bad place, but her feelings are true.”

Herron says directing Hiddleston in the scene mostly came down to discussing the speech Loki gives Sylvie before the kiss. “That was really important, showing this new place for Loki,” Herron says. “In the first episode, he’s like, ‘I want the throne, I want to rule,’ and by episode 6, he isn’t focused on that selfish want. He just wants her to be okay.”

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I viewed Loki and Sylvie as different versions of each other and saw it as Loki falling in love with different aspects of himself. I believe Loki got a glimpse of himself without the need for power and he loved that. It was narcissism and not incestuous. I also agree with Kate when she said that the kiss was different for Loki and Sylvie. For Loki, I believe the kiss was a metaphor of him accepting himself fully, and for Sylvie it was a goodbye to the parts of herself she doesn’t want to accept. Sylvie wanted to separate herself from the myth of the variant. Sylvie saying, “I am not you” was her way of making it clear that she was not defined by being a variant Loki. I am looking forward to season two and am also excited to see who will be tapped as the next director. In the meantime, I hope folks will stop being so alarmist and just enjoy what Marvel and Disney are providing.

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