Love Island’s Chris Taylor hints Jordan Hames and India Reynolds had ‘flirty’ secret chats that viewers didn’t see

Jordan Hames and Anna Vakili have been dumped from the island, just one day after Jordan told stunning model India Reynolds he had feelings for her.

Anna was left fuming after Jordan took India aside to discuss his recent feelings for ger, leaving the girls to defend her as she threw insults his way.

Anna was all the more furious as Jordan had asked her to be his girlfriend just days prior.

Viewers were also in shock at the sudden change of heart, as Jordan and India had not been seen on screen much together.

However, following his elimination from the villa, Chris Taylor, 28, hinted to Mail Online that Jordan, 24, and India had “flirty” conversations that fans will "never see".

The business development manager said: "There's only a finite amount of time that you see on TV, you only seen an hour snippet from a 24 hour day. There were conversations between India and Jordan that you’ll never see.

"A lot of flirting there, let’s call a spade a spade, obviously you see a little bit of it. But there’s a lot of downtime, there’s a lot of lunches, us eating dinner, we’re not allowed to talk about show, but we talk about whatever we want.

"And in those moments is when a lot of potential relationships and flirting goes on. It didn’t come out of nowhere, I had a feeling about what Jordan was going to do, but yeah, he went for it, he went with his heart, I can’t blame him for that."

He added: "Jordan, despite the situation and despite the way he dealt with it, he went with his heart and I can’t blame the guy for it.

"He should have done it in a different way, I don’t agree with the way he went about it, I told him that to his face on various occasions.

"There’s an order you should do things and he didn’t. He should have spoken to Anna, he should have spoken to Ovie and then spoke to India. But he didn’t and he knows that, he knows that was a mistake.

"He apologised for that to Anna. But yeah, the guy went with his heart, who am I to judge what is going on with his head?"

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