Michelle Branch Reveals She Suffered A Miscarriage: 'Twist A Dagger In My Heart'

Sending all our love to Michelle Branch right now!

The singer and songwriter revealed on Saturday afternoon that she suffered through a miscarriage at some point this month — truly the worst ending to what’s been an very tough year.

The 37-year-old Arizona-born performing artist sounded resolute in her bid to get through this tough time even while announcing it to the world, but still… what a sad, unexpected thing to have to go through.

Writing to her fans and sharing a set of pictures of her family and loved ones, the Breathe singer shared the sad news (below):

“Just when we were rounding third and heading home (A baseball metaphor?! I know.) 2020 was like, ‘nah, I ain’t done yet.’ December decided to really finish us off with a bang! No, literally. A bomb went off in downtown Nashville yesterday. And to further twist a dagger in my heart, I experienced my first miscarriage (ugh! Motherf**ker!) But alas, between the crying and binge eating of Christmas cookies, I decided to put on lipstick and a dress. We drank champagne alllll day. Made an incredible meal and sang Christmas songs snuggled up by a roaring fire. 5 more days until 2021. I’m limping to the finish line. These people, my precious family, my husband, sister and kids have been the MVP’s. I couldn’t imagine spending a year isolated with anyone else. Happy Christmas, everyone xx”

Oh, no! That’s awful!

Along with the unfortunate message, Michelle also shared that aforementioned series of pictures, showing she had plenty of support from family and friends even during such a difficult, heartbreaking time:


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Love to see that she’s well taken care of with emotional support all around her, at least.

But still… what terrible news.

Commenters were quick to share their support for the Everywhere singer, as well:

“Sorry for you loss. I have experienced it myself so feel for you. Take care of yourself.”

“sorry for your loss. i can’t imagine how hard it must be to deal with this challenge in your lives. know that our hearts are breaking too for you and yours…we do care.”

“Oh man, just sucks. Been there, done that twice, and 17 and 19 years later when I see my 21 yo daughter with younger friends, it just brings the losses back, but with warmth and a smile and just a bit of what if. Bless you and your MVPs.”

“We love you Michelle. Hang in there! There will be brighter days ahead”

“Sending you love and healing energy. I have all affected in my thoughts”


Sending all of our love and light to Michelle and her family during this tough time.

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