Michigan State Football Fans Burn Couches, Flip Car After Beating Michigan

Michigan State football fans went WILD after beating hated rival Michigan in East Lansing on Saturday, setting couches ablaze and flipping at least one car before smashing its windows, after the thrilling victory.

#6 Michigan controlled the game through 3 quarters … leading 10-0 in the 1st, and 30-14 in the 3rd quarter. But, #8 MSU battled back … ultimately sealing the game with an interception with a minute left in the 4th, winning 37-33.

Cue the craziness around campus.

Fans lit couches on fire … sending flames and heavy black smoke billowing into the sky. Someone even caught themselves on fire (yes, really) when they sat on a burning couch.

The fire department received calls for at least 20 fires burning around the city before the clock even hit 6 PM, according to The Detroit News.

A bunch of students also flipped a vehicle … and smashed its windows.

It’s unclear if police made any arrests.

With the win, Michigan State is now 8-0 overall, and 5-0 in their conference. No other Big Ten team is undefeated. They’ll play Purdue next week in Indiana.

The loss was Michigan’s first of the season … leaving them 7-1.

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