Naomi Osaka Claps Back HARD After Megyn Kelly Criticizes Her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover!

Tennis superstar Naomi Osaka has no time for has-been ex-Fox News broadcaster Megyn Kelly‘s bull s**t!

The 23-year-old tennis pro called Megyn out in a testy Twitter exchange on Monday morning, demanding that she “do better” after the journalist seriously misrepresented some of the facts about when Osaka completed recent photo shoots in relation to her self-imposed media ban.

The whole fiery feud kicked off on social media after conservative sports pundit Clay Travis of Outkick the Coverage slammed Osaka for what he considered to be hypocrisy. In a tweet, the Fox Sports Radio personality complained about how the pro athlete had launched her own reality show and her own Barbie in addition to her Sports Illustrated swimsuit reveal at the same time she also publicly stated she didn’t want to speak to the media for mental health reasons (below):

Picking up on that same strain of hypocrisy, Kelly doubled down on Travis’ original accusation — and caught Naomi’s attention. In a quote-tweet, the TV host added a list of several other mags Naomi had recently shot the covers for in addition to SI, even amid her supposed self-exile from the media:


At that point, Osaka herself decided it was time to jump in. In a since-deleted tweet, she slammed Kelly for not checking the facts on when those aforementioned photo shoots took place (last year!), and implored her to “do better” (below):

“Seeing as you’re a journalist I would’ve assumed you would take the time to research what the lead times are for magazines, if you did that you would’ve found out I shot all of my covers last year. Do better Megan .”


Not long thereafter, Naomi deleted the message — and eventually, she decided to block Megyn altogether in a bid to move past this little brouhaha. Kelly took exception to getting blocked, though, and shared a screenshot of the ban along with another message about Naomi’s relationship with the media in a later tweet on the subject (below):

Girl, you got blocked. It happens. Just let it go and move on… Or better yet, never tweet! LOLz!

The entire exchange disintegrated even further from there, with Megyn eventually getting into a Twitter fight with retired tennis legend Martina Navratilova over the latter’s defense of Osaka (below):

Uhhh… And then Megyn capped it ALL off by posting a very Donald Trump-like tweet about being “fair and balanced” in spite of her supposed haters and losers:

Very Trumpian! Just saying! Also, Megyn, it might be time to log off…

Through all that, Kelly didn’t find much support online from the public after the very-visible spat with the talented tennis star.

Here are just a few of the loud, angry reactions tweeted towards the former Fox News personality (below):

“You are attacking a young Black Asian tennis star less than half your age for clicks. What a pathetic way to try to claw your way out of your basement where you’ve been since you were fired from your last job for this kind of racism.”

“Megyn, mocking someone who has dared to admit publicly that she struggles with mental illness is a dangerous game, and can harm countless others you will never know. Please stop this.”

“Why is anyone asking any questions at all? She’s an athlete, not a politician. Leave her alone.”

“this is the second time in a week that you’ve tried and failed to publicly antagonize a black woman doing her job. Seek help.”

“1. As someone who’s worked in media, you know that magazine editorial happens months in advance. You’re disingenuously creating clickbait. And 2. Maybe Naomi Osaka is only tough on the courts. Why is that a bad thing?”

“Truly sad after what you personally went thru that you attack women. Very very sad.”

“You see the way your hair is thinning at the front?? It’s because of your bad vibes.”


And that last one… WILD!!!

What do U think of this Twitter takedown, Perezcious readers?

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