Not seen it all! Ulrika Jonsson issues warning to daughter amid Celebs Go Dating debut

Ulrika Jonsson on why she likes dating younger men

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Ulrika Jonsson, 54, is starring in the latest series of Celebs Go Dating. Her daughter Bo Jonsson, 21, took to her Instagram to tell her mother she was “proud” of her, however Ulrika made sure to tell that she hasn’t seen all of the show yet.


Ulrika Jonsson

Bo posted a picture of her mum on the show on her Instagram as her mum made her debut on the show last night.

She penned: “So proud of you mumma.” (sic)

Ulrika re-shared the message in view of her 183,000 followers along with the message: “Thank you darling daughter BUT YOU AIN’T WATCHED THE WHOLE SERIES @e4grams.” (sic)

Ulrika spoke about what she wants in a relationship when she appeared on Loose Women last Wednesday.

She said her dating journey on Celebs Go Dating had been a “hard slog” but an “interesting learning curve”.

She then went on to reveal her suitors on the show, with the youngest being only 25.

Ulrika said on the show: “Recent ones, I’ve only really had dates, I guess, I’ve not had a relationship with anybody – but the dates have been a little younger, yes.

“The nice thing was, a few times they didn’t know I was Ulrika Jonsson, which was great.”

She continued: “That’s the dream, to have someone just take you for who you are, rather than what you are and what they might know about you, I found it refreshing.”

Speaking to The Sun last week also Ulrika made sure to make clear what she exactly wanted from a man.

She said: “I can’t bear arrogant, cocky people. But being shy is painful. You want somebody who is confident.

“Funny is so sexy and so brilliant. We all want to be laughed into bed, right?”

The television personality continued to say she is just looking for someone to “enhance” her life and she is not looking to settle down, get married or have kids.

Ulrika has been single since her 2019 divorce from third husband Brian Monet, with the pair parting ways after ten years together.

They had one son together named Malcolm who is now 13.

In 2017, the star spoke to the Daily Mail’s Weekend magazine about her marriage, admitting Brian occasionally riled her.

“I know I’ve changed, and the menopause has been to blame for some of that, but that’s how it is, isn’t it? I can’t stop time.”

Her first marriage to cameraman John Turnbull was in 1990, having one son together.

The presenter’s second marriage in 2003 was to Lance Gerrard-Wright who, at the time, was a contestant on her TV show Mr Right, with the pair sharing one daughter.

The mother-of-four also has a daughter, Bo, with ex-boyfriend hotelier, Marcus Kempen, who she separated from in 2000 after two years.

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