Police Didn't Help Teen Girl After Burlington Coat Factory Shooting, Family Says

The police paid no mind to the teenage girl struck by a stray bullet in the fatal shooting at a Burlington Coat Factory … at least according to her family.

Ben Crump is representing the family of Valentina Orellana-Peralta, the girl who was hiding in a dressing room when a bullet from a cop’s AR-15 fatally struck her in the chest, and he just shared her family’s harrowing account of what went down in the store,

Valentina’s mother says they were in the dressing room when they heard shouting and screams — a man was on a store rampage with a bike lock and chain — and her daughter went to lock the door.

The girl’s mother says they felt an explosion that sent them to the ground, and describes the graphic details of her daughter’s gunshot wound … and says police ignored her initial pleas for help and left her daughter’s lifeless body on the floor when they finally came over.

As you know … a cop with an AR-15 fired the fatal rounds that killed the suspect, but a stray bullet went through a wall and struck Valentina in the chest.

Timothy Williams Jr., a retired LAPD detective supervisor and expert on the use of force, says the cop with the assault rifle appeared to go rogue … and he says police should not have used lethal force in this situation.

Now, Crump and the girl’s family are calling for justice … claiming the incident was a “careless use of force.”

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