Prince William is currently briefing the press about how he never briefed the press

As we discussed, Prince William is very concerned about a BBC documentary special airing tonight in the UK. The special is The Princes and The Press, and it’s about how William and Harry were in a “briefing war” when the Sussexes lived in the UK. The Mail on Sunday ran a fascinating story about how William had somehow convinced Charles and the Queen that he would never and has never briefed against Harry. The MoS claimed that all three households are threatening to withhold access if the BBC runs the documentary as-is, or without letting William see it. As I said, William cannot have anyone pulling at the threads of who was briefing against whom and when. Neither can Buckingham Palace and Clarence House, honestly, and the Queen and Charles must be quite pleased that William and KP are getting the bulk of the blame (when really all three households were briefing against the Sussexes). Because William is dumb as a box of hair, he truly cannot stop briefing the press against Harry about… how he didn’t brief the press against Harry.

Aides to Prince William did not brief against his brother Harry during the Megxit saga, sources insisted yesterday following a row over a new BBC documentary. Royal insiders denied William and Harry had been embroiled in a briefing war, ahead of a programme examining the brothers’ troubled relationship with the media.

Courtiers have not been shown the two-part documentary, and sources told the Mail on Sunday that they believed it would include claims that William and Harry – or their advisers – briefed against each other. A senior royal source called the documentary ‘tittle-tattle’ and told the paper that the row over the programme had left the Queen ‘upset’.

Sources quickly shut down any suggestion that royal aides working for William and Harry were at the centre of a briefing war during the Megxit saga. In fact the very opposite was true, sources said, and senior royal aides repeatedly refused to be dragged into a public war of words, despite the Duke and Duchess of Sussex giving an explosive interview to television host Oprah Winfrey.

One source told the Daily Mail: ‘It was always very clear from the top that no one wanted to be dragged down that particular rabbit hole, however egregiously people were being provoked by the Sussexes. The palace mantra was that a period of silence would be beneficial to take the toxicity out of the situation, with the Queen going so far as to issue a personal statement making clear that there were matters they needed to deal with privately as a family.’

[From The Daily Mail]

From my understanding – again, it’s only the Mail really making this story into a huge deal – The Princes and The Press deals with the “briefing war” dating back to 2017/2018 through present day. There’s an examination of why Harry and Meghan left that toxic island, one of the reasons for which is that they were being attacked in the press on a daily basis. William is currently briefing the press that he never briefed the press against Harry and Meghan… this year. Or, in March of this year specifically. When even that is a lie! Kensington Palace wouldn’t shut up about how Meghan was vile to Kate at the bridesmaid’s dress fitting, and before the Oprah interview aired, Kensington Palace orchestrated the “Meghan is a bully” clownshow.

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