Prince William will have an awkward time at the BAFTAs with the Spencer noms

Weeks ago, OK! Magazine had a weird story claiming the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were going to attend a bunch of events in LA during the awards season, and that Harry was nervous at the idea of running into Kristen Stewart, who played Princess Diana in Spencer. The report was pretty bullsh-tty, but it did serve as a reminder that both Harry and William were likely pretty annoyed by Spencer. The movie is… more art film than royal bio-pic, and I would think that at least Harry would respect the fact that they made his mother’s story into a horror-style art film, with the Windsors and the “monarchy” serving as the monsters.

Interestingly enough, it might be Prince William who has to confront the Spencer team face-to-face though. Bill is BAFTA president, an honorary position which he believes makes him the petty despot of the BAFTAs. In recent months, we’ve heard stories about how Baldingham believes he can get the BAFTA telecast pulled off of the BBC. We also heard that William was somehow – ?? – involved in the ousting of BAFTA CEO Amanda Berry, because Berry was reportedly “over-familiar” with the royals. So now…. William is nervous about Spencer on top of all of that:

Prince William enjoys attending the BAFTA awards, where he can meet Hollywood stars and his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge, can wear one of her most spectacular frocks. But this year’s ceremony could be awkward for William, who is president of BAFTA. For he might well have to honor American star Kristen Stewart for her performance as his mother in the film Spencer.

Many critics said her portrayal of Princess Diana was over-the-top and offensive. But it has been nominated for Outstanding British Film and Stewart for Leading Actress. The Duke of Cambridge is known to dislike depictions of his mother in film and is said to have hated how Netflix presented her in The Crown. He publicly appealed to the BBC not to repeat Martin Bashir’s infamous interview with Diana. I wonder if the Duke will excuse himself from the room if Kristen takes to the stage?

[From Eden Confidential at The Daily Mail, print edition]

First of all, “where he can meet Hollywood stars and his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge, can wear one of her most spectacular frocks.” That’s all the BAFTAs are for Bill & Cathay right? He gets to meet celebrities and Kate gets to wear a dress. That’s how low the bar is set, and even then, William has skipped the BAFTAs six years since he became president in 2010. LAZY!! As for the stuff about Spencer… ever since the BBC tantrums, I’ve wondered if William is looking for an excuse to skip the BAFTAs. Maybe this is his big excuse.

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