'RHOSLC' Star Jen Shah Fears for Her Safety After Prison Photos Leak

Jen Shah prison

Jen Shah‘s hitting the panic button, metaphorically, because photogs were able to snapshots of her behind bars — and she wants the prison to find out how it happened.

If you missed it, a photo agency got pics earlier this month of Jen walking in the yard at FPC Bryan in Texas. Jen, through her rep Chris Giovanni, tells TMZ, “When I saw the photo and recognized the angle and location of where that photo was captured, I became immediately frightened.”

Jen Shah prison

Jen adds, “I strongly believe the photo was not taken from the outside near the exterior gates, but rather deep inside the compound at FPC- Bryan.”

We’re told Jen is now paranoid that whoever took the pic could do something worse next time … “I am so worried that the next photo secretly taken of me could be in the shower, using the bathroom, or possibly changing my clothes.”

Her insinuation is prison personnel took the photos, or prison staff is giving photogs access to take them.

Jen says she’s grateful her husband Sharrieff plans to contact the Bureau of Prisons to ask for an investigation. We’re told he’s currently in the process of writing a letter expressing their concerns.

As for how she saw the photos … we’re told prison inmates use video monitors to speak with their families, and a neighboring inmate’s family showed Jen the photos on the screen.

jen shah arrested

TMZ broke the story, Jen started serving her 6.5-year prison sentence back in February after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud.

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