Royal insiders are unsurprisingly super-salty about Omid Scobies Endgame

I’ve seen a lot of Sussex Squad grumbling regarding Omid Scobie’s Endgame, which has been exclusively excerpted in People Magazine this week. Not only that, there’s a lot of palace outrage, so Scobie is getting it from “both sides.” Despite the palace briefings, Scobie is not “the Sussexes’ cheerleader” and his sources are not exclusively Sussex insiders. Scobie is not focused on solely telling a purely sympathetic Sussex-exclusive story. The full title of the book is Endgame: Inside the Royal Family and the Monarchy’s Fight for Survival. It will be, I hope, a larger view of what we cover here at this blog all the time – the palace leaks and briefings, the poor management and decision-making within the establishment, the clownshow of it all, the fact that the ashy royals are struggling and unpopular, all of which has been thrown into sharp relief within the past four years of the Sussexit. While most of the people reading this post know the ins and outs of what happened, it’s great that at least one “royal reporter” is attempting to tell the larger story in a coherent and gossipy narrative.

As for the palace outrage, notice that not even unnamed royal aides can come up with a specific denial of what Scobie wrote in the excerpts:

Royal courtiers were last night said to be furious over the revelations about Princes ­William and Harry’s feud that erupted as the Queen lay dying.

Palace insiders tore into author Omid Scobie over a string of claims he made about the pair’s fractious relationship during a time of personal grief for the Royal Family. The writer, who was previously briefed by Megan for another of his books, alleges William ignored Harry’s calls as he ­desperately tried to get to the late Queen’s bedside. He said there was “no proof” Charles phoned his youngest son during his gran’s dying moments. And his book, Endgame, says of William: “He feels he has lost Harry and doesn’t want to know this version of him.” Scobie also said the Prince is convinced his brother has been brainwashed by an “army of ­therapists” in America.

A Royal insider said: “It appears no matter what happens behind closed doors, even in a time of such pain and grief, that where the Royal Family are concerned it will one day emerge. Nothing is off limits with William and Kate appearing to be this author’s number one target. It only takes a few months for the knives to come out again and the wounds to be opened up.”

By having an excerpt of his book published, Scobie overshadowed Kate’s launch of a conference on her campaign for children and their families yesterday. Royal fans speculated details from the book had been timed to mar Kate’s work, a point regularly levelled at the Sussex’s over events.

[From The Daily Mirror]

“Scobie overshadowed Kate’s launch of a conference on her campaign for children and their families yesterday” – LMAO. Kate gave a half-assed schoolgirl book report in which she repeated her motto, “the early years are important” and then nothing. The palace should be glad that so few people are talking about that idiocy. As for “It appears no matter what happens behind closed doors… that where the Royal Family are concerned it will one day emerge.” What’s strange about the Windsors’ sudden pearl-clutching about briefings and leaks during a time of grief is that they had no qualms about it in the hours and days after QEII died. King Charles, just hours into the job he had been waiting for his entire life, authorized a series of palace briefings about how he told Harry that Meghan wasn’t welcome in Balmoral, how “no wives” were welcome (a lie). William was on a rampage too. Go back and read my coverage of the palace briefings from the 72 hours after QEII died. Also: I can’t help but remember how William, Kate, Camilla and Charles were all completely GIDDY after QEII died. Kate and Camilla began raiding the jewelry immediately, Kate couldn’t stop laughing, Charles was thrilled.

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