Sara Bareilles Sings the Music of ‘Little Voice’ on New Album – Listen Now!

Sara Bareilles just dropped a surprise album!

The Grammy-winning singer teased her new album More Love just a couple days ago and now it has arrived. On the album, Sara performs the songs that she wrote for the Apple TV+ series Little Voice.

The full title of the album, More Love – Songs from Little Voice Season One, seems to imply that Sara will be recording the music for each season of the show.

The album features 10 songs, including the show’s title song “Little Voice,” which she wrote over 16 years ago. The physical version of the album will hit stores on November 6.

Minutes before the album dropped, Sara took to her Instagram Stories and told fans she’d rather donate to Joe Biden‘s campaign or volunteer at the polls than to buy her album, if they had to make a choice between the two.

You can buy Sara‘s new album now on iTunes or stream it below from Spotify.

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