Selena Gomez Cries as She Accepts She May Not Be Able to Get Pregnant

The former Disney darling breaks down in tears as she talks about the possibility that she may not be able to carry her own children amid her health issues.

AceShowbizSelena Gomez may not be able to get pregnant. She explains that the idea that she may have to turn to a surrogate if she ever decides to have children is “very present” in her life after she received a kidney transplant in 2017 from her best friend as a result of suffering from lupus.

“Donated kidneys don’t last forever. Which is fine. I might be like, ‘Peace out,’ anyway,” she said after revealing that she had visited a friend who was trying to get pregnant and afterwards sat in her car crying. “That [the idea of not being able to carry my own children] is a very big, big present thing in my life.”

Noting the medication she takes to combat bipolar disorder, the 30-year-old pop star adds she will become a mother in whatever way she is “meant to.” She said, “[But] however I’m meant to have [children], I will. I think there’s something over me that is maybe my bipolar that kind of just keeps me humble – in a dark way.”

The “Lose You to Love Me” songstress- who is currently single but previously dated the likes of Justin Bieber and Charlie Puth – also explained that when she first left a treatment facility on a multitude of drugs for bipolar, she was initially “gone” and was eventually guided by a psychiatrist but had to learn how to “detox” from the treatment when she gave up all but two of the treatments had to and accept that she had been diagnosed with the mental disorder.

She told Rolling Stone magazine, “It was just that I was gone. There was no part of me that was there anymore. My psychiatrist really guided me. But I had to detox, essentially, from the medications I was on. I had to learn how to remember certain words. I would forget where I was when we were talking. It took a lot of hard work for me to (a) accept that I was bipolar, but (b) learn how to deal with it because it wasn’t going to go away.”

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