So, Apparently Prince Harry Went "Ballistic" and Accused William of Wrecking His Relationship with Meghan

Good news, a new extremely extra-seeming royal documentary called William & Harry: Princes at War is here for you to watch instead of doing work! The doc is full of ~royal reporters~ ready to spill piping hot tea about the alleged “royal feud,” and they got RIGHT to the heart of the drama.

As we already know, Prince Harry didn’t feel like Prince William and Kate Middleton rolled out the carpet enough for Meghan when she joined the royal family, and apparently he went “ballistic” when William confronted him.

“It was all so quick that William and Kate didn’t have a moment to get to know Meghan because Harry hardly knew Meghan,” royal expert Ingrid Seward says in the doc. “And, of course, quite naturally William and Kate would have thought, ‘Oh, she’s been married before, she’s older than Harry, I hope she’s going to make him happy.’ Anyone would think that.”

Meanwhile, Sky News broadcaster Carole Malone says Wills tried to tell Harry not to rush into things because “He’d only known her for less than a year when they got engaged.” And The Sun’s royal correspondent Emily Andrews reveals that Harry “went ballistic and said, ‘You’re trying to wreck this relationship before it’s even started.'”

Apparently Harry was particularly pissed since, as royal reporter Katie Nicholl notes, “Harry supported William from the outset of his relationship with Kate and he felt very let down that he wasn’t getting his brother’s full 100 percent support with the relationship with Meghan.”

For what it’s worth, the fab four seem to get along just fine these days. Buuuut, there are reports that Wills and Kate avoided seeing Meghan and Harry on vacation with the Queen this summer. Awk.

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